Submarine Interior Environment Creation

Learn How to Create a Game-Ready Environment
Using Blender, Substance Suite & Unreal

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Emiel Sleegers always had love for video games and when he was young, he started using Unity3D for programming but he found himself gravitating more towards the art of making games. Now he is currently working as an environment artist in Ubisoft. He contributed to creating AAA games such as Forza Horizon 3 and The Division 2. His all time favorite game is The Last of Us and that video game is what inspired him to want to work in the game industry. His advice for beginner artists is to focus on one aspect of gaming that they are passionate about, stick to it and get better at it. His hobbies include anything related to games or films, whether it be working on personal projects, freelance work or going out for movies.

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In this exciting tutorial, you will learn the professional way of creating a game-ready submarine corridor from start to finish using Blender, the Substance suite and Unreal engine.

We will go over in detail on how to model modular walls that can be used to construct our corridor.

After that we will start modeling modular pipes using the high to low poly modeling technique and use that to construct all the piping networks that are in our scene.

Finally, we will model some smaller assets like a metal door, some signs and a fuse box to dress up our scene.

Once modeling is done we will move into Substance Designer where we will be creating a tileable painted metal texture that we can use on our walls and other assets.

Then we will move our high poly and low poly assets into Marmoset toolbag where we will be baking the assets and generating our texture maps. At which point we will bring everything into substance painter and start texturing our assets.

We will also generate special masks which along with a custom shader in unreal engine 4 we can use to dynamically change the color and dirt amount on our assets.

Finally, when everything is done and ready to go we will import everything inside Unreal Engine 4 and start building our level, create our lighting and post effects and some final polish to really make the level shine.

I am excited to show you all these techniques that you can use so you can become a better environment artist. Turn up the heat and ignite your skills. Keep adding new knowledge, new workflow, new tactics to grow and expand. Life is about growing and reaching your fullest potential.

Take action and start committing to your success today. Join me in this amazing course and let’s get started.


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