Professional Video Feedback for Character Artists

Get detailed feedback from a professional so you can further
polish your character art for your portfolio

Why sign up for video feedback?

Having a professional artist review your work is essential to getting ahead of the rest. Often times, you need a mentor who will wake you up and bring to your awareness the mistakes you are not able to spot in your artwork. If an artist stay inside their cave and never share their work for honest constructive criticism, that artist will never grow. If you are just starting out and want to bring your skill level to the apex standard, consider our video feedback from our professional artists. Currently we are only offering character creation feedback.

What is the best choice?

You have a choice of either acquiring a 30 minute video feedback and a 1 hour video feedback. For a complete full body character, we highly recommend the 1 hour video feedback. For half a body of the character, we suggest the 30 minute feedback. You will get an in-depth video review with annotations and clear explanations of what you need to fix on your character and how to fix it. You will get feedback on anatomy, cloth, and color(if you have a textured character).

How do I get started?

To get started you must have a Gmail account. All you have to do is upload your file to your Google Drive and share that link with us. If you want feedback on digital sculpting, you just need to upload either your Zbrush or Blender file. If you have a textured character, please put the 3d file along with the textures in a zip folder.

When do I receive my feedback?

Please allow up to at least 7 days after upload to receive your video feedback.

Video Feedback Sample

Check out an example of our recent video feedback below on character sculpting. With detailed explanations, you sure will see dramatic improvement in your skills!

Learn How to Fix Your Character.
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