Game Environment Creation: Apocalyptic Scene

Learn How to Model, Texture, and REnder an Apocalyptic Environment using 3ds
Max, Substance Painter and Unreal Game Engine

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Manuel Rondon is currently working as a freelance 3D artist and college instructor. He loves both jobs because they allow him to work on what he is passionate about while still having some creative freedom. His advice for students who are just starting out and want to make it in the industry is to be knowledgeable and be open to different areas of 3D art as this can give you more opportunities for jobs. As you gain more experience, you can then specialize in characters, textures, or animations but in the beginning, it's best to wear as many hats as possible.

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In this course, we will build a professional apocalyptic game environment from scratch using 3ds Max, Substance Painter and Unreal. We will start everything from scratch, from looking at references, looking at some concept art, and start applying it onto our environment. First, we will start by making small blockout of our scene and create the assets that we are going to need, how we are going to lay them out in the environment, then we are going to move into modeling. The modeling will be done all in 3ds Max, after that we will proceed to unwrapping the assets, and we will learn how to make the assets look smooth while keeping them low poly by using a very neat technique. From that, we are going inside Substance Painter to texture all of the assets and we will be creating materials that are going to be reusable across different assets for more efficient workflow. To finalize our tutorial, we will go through the process of rendering the whole environment in Unreal Engine.


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