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Growing is living. The time that we stop growing is the time that we stop breathing.
Never get stuck in the rut, learning is a lifelong journey.

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We’ll teach you the tools, fundamentals and proper mindset that will have you head and shoulders above the rest. Whether it’s a personal passion or an industry pursuit, you can learn 3d modeling, texturing, art theory, composition and anatomy here.


Learn by experiencing, by doing, with step-by-step tutorials and project-based learning.


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Programs we teach that will get you ahead of the curve


Digital Sculpting
Learn tips and techniques on how to create believable sculpts. We'll get you rolling.
Environment Creation
From beginner to advanced, learn more efficient ways on how to make game-ready environments.
Character Creation
Express yourself and acquire the foundations of building a production-ready character.
Asset Creation
Gain insight into the proper workflow that is predominantly used in today's film and game studios.
Human Anatomy
Enhance your skills as an artist by learning one of the most important principles of character design.
Concept Creation
Create better art, learn composition, color theory, story telling, understanding values and shapes.

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Why Choose Us?

We are here to truly help students reach their goals as a game or film artist. We want our courses to be accessible, affordable and substantial. Our courses are taught by professionals who have essential experience working in the industry and are mostly real-time as we believe in taking our time in explaining the whys, the hows and the whens. We do care about our students and would like them to have the best accumulation of knowledge and application here. We believe that industry experience, effective teaching, and student engagement are the key ingredients for providing a high quality learning system.

The Love From Our Students

Testimonials from our best-selling courses

"Very informative Videos. Easy for beginners and Good for the Pros."

- Felix Sanchez

"Fantastic way of learning."

- Yuri Filippi

"This is exactly what I missed in my 3d Education."

- Gerard M.

"Love the explanations very simple and understandable."

- Niranjan Sankaran

"It was very clear. I was having a hard time learning from Zbrush website. I was able to replicate your tutorial very close. I am very pleased!"

- Sam Carrubba

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